For you

For you as a company

You would like to open a new location?
You need someone trustworthy to equip your new branch with a network and IT?
You want area-wide WLAN?
You want to make your telephone calls over the Internet in the future?
You want a comprehensible documentation of your IT environment?
You have a network that is getting old and are thinking about its replacement? 
You have BIG plans or are in need of reinforcement, but do not want to create a 100% job for it.
You need an independent assessment of your environent?

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For you as an IT service provider

You need reliable employees to drive customer projects forward?
You need someone who  knows the other side of the negotiating table?
You need employees to close network / security bottlenecks?
You need someone who knows different brands and sometimes does things in a unconventional way?
You want to take care of the client / server infrastructure?

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